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Vanagon Upgrade Rims and Tires


Vanagon Upgrade Rims and Tires An eye catching trait of the Vanagon is it’s seemingly tiny wheels supplied from the factory.  The tires have to support a lot of weight and minimize sideward deflection.  There’s not a lot of debate about the handling of the 185R14 stock tires either, they …

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Kabar Tactical Spork


Kabar Tactical Spork Everyone should be familiar with the spork as an eating utensil.  The spork was patented in 1874 by Samuel W. Francis.  Kabar has taken the spork one step further and added a knife that hides away in the handle.  Now you can eat anything from soup or steak …

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Vanagon T Boned by Vw Golf

Vanagon Gets T Boned

What Happens to the Vanagon? Of course it catches fire but did they both get up and walk away while the flames were roiling?  The crash alone was horrific and how the guy walked away is astounding.

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Rear Hatch Glass Replacement Option?

rear window hatch vanagon

I’ve Never Seen This Hatch Glass Before The rear glass hatch of this van has been replaced with a plastic type window.  The plastic replacement isn’t flush in the hole.  The window is set back about an inch or more outward.  At first glance it isn’t very noticeable.  Once you …

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WalMart Parking Lot Documentary

As Volkswagen owners we probably are more apt to know about the loose WalMart restrictions on using their parking lot for overnights.  This documentary covers the different types of people that use the parking lot, from the truly homeless to those just traveling and trying to save time and money.

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Vanajeros Take to South America

Vanajeros is a group of photographers that take a trip to South America in their Vanagon Westfalia.  The four of them drive and photograph and take video of their trip.  Seeing and capturing many scenes that the average tourist would never see.  Of course they hit some hiccups and adventure …

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