Group 41 Battery for the Vanagon

Group 41 is the largest biggest standard flooded lead acid battery that can fit in the stock Vanagon battery tray without modification. The group 41 battery is the DC power station sitting under the passenger seat of most Vanagons. The battery features a lot of cold cranking amps and hefty …

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Jack Stand Safety

Longtime mechanics know what they can get away with and what they cant as far as safety equipment goes.  Some cannot. As a preemptive strike to injury we decided to do a safety basics so that we can introduce at least a moderate sense of safety while wrenching on your …

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Pop Top and Luggage Tray Fiberglass Repair

Repaired Luggage Tray

My project van had driven under something that resulted in the luggage tray being demolished.  The luggage lid was torn off completely.  It was included in the purchase of the van, what was left of it, on the floor inside. Scouring through Craiglist to find a replacement luggage lid brought little …

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Parts Van

The parts van.

I bought this parts van for the rear hatch, slider, passenger door, and a host of other odds and ends that I needed.  I took what I wanted, and stockpiled some things that I thought Id need. After I was happy with what I took off I posted it for …

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