The parts van.
The parts van.

Parts Van

I bought this parts van for the rear hatch, slider, passenger door, and a host of other odds and ends that I needed.  I took what I wanted, and stockpiled some things that I thought Id need.

After I was happy with what I took off I posted it for parts.  I sold the transmission first.  The seats went soon after.  Before long it was a hulk of a shell in my driveway.

Im sure the neighbors did not like it very much.  I tried to make it so that it was as little visible as possible.  I backed it in so the empty rear end wasn’t visible from the street.

After it was gone I asked a few neighbors and some didn’t even notice it at all.  Others didn’t know that I parted it out.  The tow truck came to drag it out of the driveway and that when most people noticed it.  Overall I think that 15 minutes of visibility wasn’t too bad.

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