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Dispersed Camping or Boondocking is a Great Way to Enjoy Camping!

Dispersed Camping is a Great Way to Camp

Dispersed camping is legally camping on publicly owned land that allows dispersed camping. . It’s often referred to as boondocking. This isn’t to be confused with stealth camping which is basically just parking to sleep. Stealth camping is basically camping in places that camping isn’t allowed such as city streets, …

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Pick Up Trucks

The Single Cab and Double Cab were Volkswagens answer to the pick up truck.  They are getting harder and harder to find, and as a result are getting more and more expensive.  They are still being made but they quit importing them into the US quite a long time ago.  …

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Downhill Kombi

Most Volkswagen Transporters are downhill racers at heart, seeing how underpowered they were from the factory.  Here’s a downhill racer from the get go. “Built this one for last years race where it placed 2nd and also won best design.  I also raced it again this year with the new Scooby …

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