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5 Delicious Dishes in Your Westfalia Kitchen

Top 5 tasty meals for the Westfalia kitchen.

One of the things that make a VW so popular for road trips is the unique set of kitchen cabinets and equipment available. With a propane-powered stove, refrigerator, sink, and adequate space for utensils and dishes the VW provides you with the basic kitchen necessities sufficient to keep your stomachs …

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Dispersed Camping or Boondocking is a Great Way to Enjoy Camping!

Dispersed Camping is a Great Way to Camp

Dispersed camping is legally camping on publicly owned land that allows dispersed camping. . It’s often referred to as boondocking. This isn’t to be confused with stealth camping which is basically just parking to sleep. Stealth camping is basically camping in places that camping isn’t allowed such as city streets, …

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WalMart Parking Lot Documentary

As Volkswagen owners we probably are more apt to know about the loose WalMart restrictions on using their parking lot for overnights.  This documentary covers the different types of people that use the parking lot, from the truly homeless to those just traveling and trying to save time and money.

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