Downhill Kombi

Most Volkswagen Transporters are downhill racers at heart, seeing how underpowered they were from the factory.  Here’s a downhill racer from the get go.

“Built this one for last years race where it placed 2nd and also won best design.  I also raced it again this year with the new Scooby Doo Mystery Machine paint scheme,” Gary tell us, who is the owner.  The original design was white top and a blue body in the typical splitty fashion.


It’s not all paper mache and craft materials you’ll find in a third grade art class though, Gary tells us.  “Fully welded steel frame with pneumatic tires and rear tire friction brakes. Body is supported by a steel inner frame covered with foam paneling and cardboard for the sides and a shaped foam roof.”

Why is the body covered in paper mache and painted?  ” so it is very easily and inexpensively repaired if damaged,” Gary tells us from sunny Oceanside California.

“This is a fun car to play around with and pretty fast as well. Would be very easy to add an engine to this thing and scoot around the neighborhood.”


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