Kabar Tactical Spork

Kabar Tactical Spork

kabar-spork-knifeEveryone should be familiar with the spork as an eating utensil.  The spork was patented in 1874 by Samuel W. Francis.  Kabar has taken the spork one step further and added a knife that hides away in the handle.  Now you can eat anything from soup or steak with the comfort of knowing that your tacticool spork can handle anything.

The Tactical Spork is almost 7 inches overall and has a blade length of 2.5.  The knife weighs less than  a couple ounces and is made from a food safe polymer.  This would make an excellent Westfalia drawer tool for those interested in minimizing clutter in the camper kitchen.

The knife stows away in the handle of the spork and simply pull the two ends to separate it from the lock in the middle.  The serrated edge makes most cutting chores simple while dining.  The great thing is that you won’t have your knife flop off your plate onto the dirt while eating.  Simply store it away back in the handle after your cuts are made.

This lightweight tool would be quite handy for those backpacking, canoeing, or just want to be prepared to eat pudding or schnitzel at the drop of a hat if kept in your backpack.

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